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Why so serious? And other things I've yet to be asked.

 * Written in retrospect due to lifestyle acuity * As heading pics go, there is zero point to this. I binged Killing Eve. Begin retrospective note call it, 2019 maybe? Well that was a marvellous shitstorm wasn't it? Since the long-since penned journey of our Turkish misadventures, at least. I think I'd rather be navigating those elegant headless mannequins, having actually had to adult once more. It leaves a peculiar taste in one's mouth. What's happened since? 1. I've proven myself worthy of having responsibility to be registered with a certain governing body . I mean, really it was primarily about having the opportunity to dress like a drunken Scottish rainbow had thrown up over me, had a fight with the reflection then sent me on a crash course after tear arsing it across a platform shaking a Dean’s hand, to what can only be described as finishing school dressed in blues. I didn't deck it this time; the graduation, not the latter (depending o