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Incidents that happened between January and March

Well, strictly speaking for the pedants out there, the tail end of December (28th to be precise).

Picture this, the gluttonous after festive period where you don't know what day or even month it is. You only know you're not due back in work yet. I jest, student midwifery is relaxing to the holiday period as a naked streaker in a lion pit.... happily putting away the to-do list until the 3rd load of Christmas pots have been soaked for another day. There is wine. Lots of wine. And a debit card.

So here I am. In France. With an over stimulated over tired (and quite frankly far too fidgety for the metal bunk bed I'm laying perilously underneath) Small. A shit ton of shopping in the hope that I shan't spend a small fortune in Disneyland tomorrow, and a snow white dress placed just so. Because I did really well at the not feeding into this crypto-facist-fake-forced-stereotyped-gender Disney princess shit... (Wifeyo, 2019 -ta Rhi!)

Not quite the comedy of errors as my last drunken holiday buying escapade, we may only hope.
Time will tell.

She managed a pose or two at least, and 15000 steps before turning in, 3 trains, many silent 'thank yous' to the Giffgaff gods for my data and GPS support, I shan't be taking any tired legs shit when we got the motherland on Sunday. Enough to know that my shoes are crap and I'd have done better strapping some tyres to my tired cankled feet for the next 5 days.

Bon nuit. (I'm being classy because I'm annoyed at myself for not being awake enough to sample the mystery wine I slipped in the basket earlier).

I'm preempting Technicolor nightmares already....


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